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5 Star Coach !, 08-17-2011 07:36AM

By: Boro17

Chris Zallie has been my pitching coach for about 2 years. He's helped me take my game as a pitcher to the next level. He does a great job teaching the fundamentals of pitching as well as mental approaches, conditioning, warm-up routines, and different pitches. Because he has taught me the proper mechanics I know I will never injure myself pitching. Without Coach Zallile's help, I could never have lead my tournament team to an undefeated spring championship season and 2 tournment titles. I highly recommend Coach Zallie to anyone looking for a great pitching coach!

Chris Zallie is awesome, 08-17-2011 12:42AM

By: Bruce

Coach Chris is a phenomenal coach and motivator of young ball players. He has been coaching my 12 year old for 3 years and the progress has been outstanding. If you're looking for a coach--especially for pitching--Chris Zallie has my highest recommendation. Check him out and you'll agree!!!
Bruce Fleming
Pennington, New Jersey

Chris Zallie is a one of a kind coach ..., 08-16-2011 05:00AM

By: Crystal

My son has been working with Chris for several years. I can't say enough what an amazing job he does, truly, with the physical as well as mental aspects of pitching. Chris stresses excellent mechanics and daily preparation. He patiently explains at each stage what a pitcher needs to do to progress and get to the next level, and he is fantastic at coaxing the young pitcher through even the toughest of outings and transitions. Our family feels lucky to have found him.